tek(s)neSonic at ITP
tek(s)neSonic performance at Southpaw
Karla Calderon: tek(s)neSonic

tek(s)neSonic is customizable interactive video and audio interface that appropriates Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv’s Text Rain project. This remix was exhibited at NYU and used for a live performance in NYC.

Each character on a computer keyboard can be mapped to a specific sound sample, resulting in a bank of readily accessible sounds. The user can type out a string of characters onto the keyboard which subsequently become visible onscreen as a series of text streaming down over a real-time video of the user. As the user or users interact with the text, the sound each unit is assigned to is then triggered and “played”. This allows the user to improvise a live sonic composition and performance.

tek(s)neSonic was written in C++ using the openFrameworks toolkit.