Keep A Breast


The Keep-A-Breast Foundation raises funding for breast cancer awareness, education and programs through art benefits and auctions. Sold at these auctions are plaster forms of the female torso customized by artists. Some contributors (of both torso forms and/or artwork) include artist Shepard Fairey, singer Katy Perry, pro surfer Lisa Anderson and the band Foo Fighters.

I’ve had the honor to be both a contributor, having my own torso cast – as well as an artist – customizing the casts of three other women. Shown here is one of the three, all of which were auctioned and sold for this awesome cause. This particular form is reinforced through several layers of resin and other materials, creating a smooth looking texture that is actually rather coarse to the touch. The result is also a form that is much heavier and studier than the original. The form has a scrolling LED text that can be programmed with a custom message as well as a functional digital clock.