Through curiosity and wonder, I’m fascinated, inspired and impassioned by the human ability to shift perspective and perception and effectively enhance or transform one’s experience. With this in mind, I design and build digital and/or physical interactive experiences and strive for engaging, interesting, useful and often playful.

I am a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, an alum of the awesome Red Bull Music Academy, an educator, and a user experience designer & strategist.

I’ve worked with amazing educational organizations such as Vision Education and Media, the NYC Center for Space Science Education, and The Makery among others. I’ve taught people from the ages of 7 – 70 how to build, program, and engineer LEGO robotic things as well as create other fun stuff with various electronics, 3D printers, and the Arduino. I also opened the Maker Space, did all things maker related and collaborated with Björk to implement her Biophilia Educational Project at the New York Hall of Science. Last, but not least – I’m the proud co-founder of RapidFTR, a mobile application and digital database system that has assisted the incredible efforts that go into the family tracing and reunification process led by UNICEF and other NGOs.

I love helping to empower others as well as assisting them in unleashing their creativity through the discovery of new tools and/or processes, and hopefully – new possibilities. What you’ll find on this site are samplings of my collaborative projects, personal explorations, and professional work.

You can also stream my old, but awesome DJ mixes on https://soundcloud.com/teknevision/tracks

On another note, I am….

Erratic, ecstatic, mentally nomadic, eclectic and interjected. More boombastic than bombastic. Bits of wit surprise like revealed lies and fireflies. A little lightning to bug you out.

There’s so much color in this world – and so much in the dark. I’m here to ride on the rainbow, but I have my night-vision goggles handy.

I like fly things, to try things, got no gold rings, sometimes wish I had wings and wonder how things operate. I’m into vision, decision and the human condition. Yeah!